Sizing & Fit

Have you ever noticed that you may be an XS in your favorite activewear company, but a Medium in your swimwear bottoms? We think that is NUTS and we wanted to bring you SWIM sizing that actually reflects the size you are in other areas of your wardrobe. 

The reason many babes need to order up in most swimwear is the stiff swimwear elastic, underwire, and padded cups that are often used in the industry. We use softer more flexible swimwear elastic (especially around the hips) to avoid edges of our pieces "cutting into you" in not so flattering ways. We also did away with underwire and padded cups and replaced them with stronger more supportive elastics similar to what you might see in sports bras and bralettes and the highest quality Italian spandex to keep your natural shape both covered and comfy.

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Top Sizing & Fit

We design all our suits to be as clean and streamlined as possible and rely on our fabrics, elastics, and cuts to achieve the perfect fit, rather than on adjustable straps and tops with tie strings. As a result, you should order top sizes based on your RIB CAGE MEASUREMENTS and not so much on your cup size. For the best Bandits styles for our bustier babes, please look HERE!

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Butt Lift in a Bottom

Full coverage bottoms go around your cheeks, therefor not changing the positioning of them and often making your tush appear wider than it really is. Thong and demi thong bottoms go between your cheeks and thus also cannot change the positioning of them. ALL OF OUR BOTTOMS are designed to lay across the center of each cheek and take your tushy with them as they go up towards the waistband... you're welcome ;)


Sizing Guide

PLEASE take a look at our sizing chart below before ordering a quality Bandits piece... we want to make sure you feel flattered in all the right ways when you put on your Bandits gear... after all, you are a total #BanditsBabe Xx

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More Help on our Product Pages

On every product page, you will find if a top, bottom, or one piece typically runs true to size or otherwise. You will also find what we like to call "Activity Level"



Run, Run, Baby

We do our best to keep sizing consistent but should something consistently run a little large (typically a top with super soft elastic at the bustline) or a little small (typically an extra strappy bottom) we will absolutely let you know on the product page so you can order accordingly. If you have a question, PLEASE EMAIL US ANYTIME! We love helping our babes get the suit that suits them best

"Activity Level"

Every Bandits piece has a suggested "Activity Level" in the detailed product description. Suits listed as "Lay low and slay" are essentially equivalent to your favorite soft bralette. People will see you walking around, chilling at restaurants, shopping, laying by the water, and they will die. You are basically a serial slayer, but pop out your favorite yoga move in one of these and something else will also most likely pop out... just a fair warning ;)

Suits listed as "Light frolicking and general fun encouraged" on the other hand, are good to go for pretty much everything babes normally do in swimwear. Don't go pole vaulting or like cliff jumping or whatever, but splash, run, jump, mess to your heart's content!

Finally, we have the "Find an ocean, a mountain, an airplane, whatever!" numbers designed with our high octane babes in mind. They should keep all your parts perfectly in place while you do everything and anything that you feel like doing! You do you boo. Xx