Collaborations & Campaigns

The photo content on this site is made possible by the hard work of countless photographers, models,  PR professionals, and industry influencers. Below you will find each project, along with credits for those who made them all possible.

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Layflats Aren't FLAT

When prepping to re-launch the site we wanted to bring you layflat photos with some Bandits creative flare. Styled with tropical botanics, we think these layflats are anything but flat.


Our Mermaid, Lili

Lili's back with Insta-Photog @beachcreature (THANK GOODNESS) and this time she brought her bird and her best mother nature vibes... We may be obsessed...

BanditsSwim_Spring 2018_2017_12_03_210406-3067_GOP.jpg

Good Vibes & Bandits

What do you get when you mix groovy balloon inspo from DIY blog @ohhappyday, smokin' babes from Modern Muse Models in Orlando and rad photographer Graham Oakley? Good Vibes that are BANDITS AF.


Lindsey in LA

One of our most favorite regular Bandits Babes Lindsey Weller travelled to LA to work with Photographer Paolo Artymiak, and we are so so glad that she did


Old School Carnival

Our Goods Vibes Collection has all the retro feels, so we teamed up babes Lindsey Weller and Keera Batiste with photographer Gary Williams and let the good times roll at a decommissioned amusement park ;)


Keera in Cali

One of our go-to Bandits Babes, Keera Batiste is not only a total smokeshow, but also the most lovely human possible. Put her in front of photog Rindra Randriam and sparks will fly...

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Twinning is Winning

For our "Band Together" Collection, we teamed back up with photog favorite, Courtney Parrie Green (plus a team of PERFECT local models) for a DC takeover

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Sara Takes Santorini

Insta travel and lifestyle blogger Sara Ann Thornton packed her bags for Santorini and Mykonos with Bandits and basically gave us burning travel envy

2016-04-20 03.04.50 2.jpg

Lili Klem in Hawaii

Insta-mermaid/Sea Goddess @_lilikoi and appropriately named insta-photographer @beachcreature harness sea and sand to create magic


Naila in LA

This creative bombshell and creator of Naila in Vogue just needed your average pool to bring us these smokin images from LA


Inaugural Collection

Designer Stephanie Meni as captured by bada$$ beauty and photog Courtney Parrie Green. The vision behind the project was to show a "Day in the Life" of the original BANDIT.